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We are living in an era of tremendous challenge, distinguished by mounting cynicism and distrust. The escalating lack of trust throughout all facets of society is weighing down the collective ambition and potential of our generation. To rise above this challenge we need to rediscover the power within, and rebuild, trust. Time to Trust is deliberate call to action to reinvigorate and mobilize a generation of trust stewards that lead with integrity, ethics, and authenticity. Can we trust ourselves and put our trust into each other to truly make strides toward a more prosperous future? To survive we have to reconcile the needs of 7.5 billion people living in a world of finite resources. Yet amid spy-scandals, global financial crisis, social and environmental challenges, and intensifying geo-political concerns, distrust has become more rampant throughout society, and has seeped deep into our personal lives. The issue has become too big for us to ignore. Time to Trust is about our self-realization as citizens and consumers in a global society, to remain the underlying and fundamental power and potential that can allow humanity to not only survive, but to be great! Now is the time to adopt an informed view of our individual and collective impact on the world. Now is the time for "you, me, and WE" to step-up our game as global citizens, and within our local communities. It is time for us to be selfless in our pursuit of love, money, power, and spirituality. It is Time to Trust.

Time To Trust: Mobilizing Humanity for a Sustainable Future

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